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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 4, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we have the best videos the web has to offer "right this minute." two skiers set out on a pristine slope. >> but listen to what happened. >> ready! >> see an avalanche bury a man alive as another man tries frantically to save him. it's the video that makes you say -- >> criminals, give them an inch -- >> and they wiggle out of a cop car. see how houdini did it. two teens are trapped when a boat explodes in flames. >> now, look at the person on the jet ski. >> how he showed some serious firefighting skills. plus, the monday buzz word for your shot at an ipad mini, show she has a super bowl ad, now this. >> it's got all the boys. >> what's got kate strutting her stuff again. >> hello, monday.
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in my opinion, this could be one of the most terrifying pieces of footage ever shown on this show. couple of guys back country skiing in montana. >> absolutely gorgeous. the snow is perfect. >> this is the one word you don't want to hear -- >> avalanche! >> he yells avalanche, but watch what happened. >> oh, my goodness. that sounds and looks awful. >> tumbling down and then the camera just goes black. >> the intombment of him and the camera silence, listen. for about three and a half to
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four minutes, you hear nothing. you start to hear faint screams. listen. a few minutes later, you start to hear footsteps crunching in snow, hear somebody ask, are you okay? >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> this man survived. he had a separated shoulder and abrasions and bumps and bruises. the avalanche was about 500 feet wide, one to two feet in depth, and slid about 1,000 feet. he could have more broken bones than that. >> absolutely terrifying. >> this is what it's like to be buried alive. take a look at this bizarre moment captured by news chopper 4 by knbc in los angeles. you see the man in this car? he's sacking something out of a balloon, then attaches it to some kind of canister in the passenger seat, fills it up,
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then gets something out of it again. >> is he sucking on helium? >> according to reports, that's nitrous oxide. police expected this man of driving under the influence. they tried to pull him over. this man, who's identified by police as 24-year-old jorge sanchez, led officers on a slow-speed chase for ten minutes. police then had to put out stop sticks, which you see hanging out from under this car. and if you notice, police in full-on gear come up to the car with their guns drawn and watch what happens next. you see that he is struck with something, kind of collapses over into the passenger seat. according to reports, police fired in his direction with a low-impact bb gun. doesn't cause serious injuries, but did kind of get him under control. another officer goes to the other side of the car. they bust out the driver's side window. they pull sanchez out into the
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street, where they cuff him, and according to reports, he was taken into custody. >> wow. >> what a weird video. >> okay, inform me, what is nitrous oxide make you feel? >> basically known as laughing ga and leaves y with a fe aorng to sanchez's father, sanchez had a problem with nitrous oxide in the past, he does this to create the feeling of euphoria. this is also not sanchez's first run-in with the law. >> not a laughing matter here for this gentleman. these two kids have fallen through the ice in a river in china. a woman and her husband saw them, ran to the scene, started screaming for help. other bystanders and police came to the scene. you can see here, they don't have a lot of fancy equipment. they use what they have. easing out on a ladder with some rope to get the kids out. >> out there with a ladder and
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rope. this isn't professional gear here. >> these people are in what looks like regular kind of clothes in the water holding the kids up. now, a little boy was already pulled to safety. here you're seeing the little girl being pulled out of the water. they were taken to the hospital, but they are going to be okay. >> awesome of those people to risk their own lives for the lives of others. that's humanity. in australia, place called lake buffalo. a beautiful day, and look at this boat. witnesses say two teenagers started the boat and the boat caught fire. all they did was start it. look at the person on the jet ski come into the scene to save the day. >> yeah. that's awesome. >> well, the guy was there at the park enjoying the day with his family and said look at all this water, you got a boat on fire. he goes, well, it's obvious. he jumped on his jet ski and put it out. good thing for the teenagers,
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there were three offduty nurses there to help tend their wounds. one suffered burns and had to be in the hospital for three days, but they were nonlife threatening. another teenager had minor injuries. they still don't know why the boat caught fire. we're giving away a whole bunch of ipad minis in the weeks ahead. get ready for your chance to win. >> monday's buzz word coming up soon. remember, you have to be 18 years or older to enter for your chance to win. >> stand by for monday's buzz word, and good luck, everybody. got a bit of a highlight video you don't want to find yourself on. in florida, it's a bunch of people running red lights. police recently released this video, three and a half minutes long, crashes, near misses, and a lot of people just blowing these lights on purpose, not even slowing down to stop. watch, people pull up to a red light like here in the left lane, and watch this. guy just makes a right in front of two other lanes.
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i've never seen anything like that. they call this their most obvious and dangerous mix of red light runners. that guy slowed up, saw it on the motorcycle, and went right through. >> looks like they are getting tickets, though. >> you're right. drivers do get ticketed when they are caught on camera. police are hoping by releasing this video, it would deter people from doing this in the future. obviously, not safe. i have another video that might be even worse. i believe this one's in russia. lots of snow. notice this person here walking with what looks like a dog maybe, and here's a pretty big snow bank. what do you do when there's a lot of snow on the road? the snow plow comes by. that's about to happen. >> oh, poor guy! >> for lack of a better word, a tsunami of snow comes flying by and just knocks this guy over. knocks him to the ground. plow keeps going.
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that does look like a dog, too. makes it more sad. >> knocks his dog over, too. this is heartbreaking. >> doesn't stand a chance. i feel bad. he went down hard. >> he did go down hard. >> you get up and go, are you kidding me? some sixth graders got the opportunity to question -- >> commander chris hatfield of the international space station. >> my question is, how do you wash your hands with soap and water in space? >> see how it's done, next. and this is a pro snowboarder. >> practicing before the x gam
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criminals, you give them an inch, and they this is michael floyd. he has been arrested in florida. he's in the back of the car and notice how he's looking around, right? apparently, this was a really
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hot day in florida and deputy eric reyes thought it maybe too hot for the prisoner, so he parked in th shade and cracked th partough to let some of the air conditioning go through, except he left the car to talk to some fellow officers, so he left the crack and then he also left the car running so that the air conditioning was running. the keys are in, car is running. >> exactly. here's floyd, he opens the partition enough to get the top part of his body through the window just enough to reach the button to roll down his window in the back. >> you were serious when you said give them an inch. >> jumps out of the window, makes his escape, squats down, looks at the back window, that left side. you can see him scooting away. quite slowly. >> what do you do when you come back to the car and you're the police officer? >> you scratch your head, like, how did he do that?
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our affiliate wfte reports the deputy was suspended two weeks without pay for not following proper procedures, including cuffing him in the front, not the back, and leaving the car unattended with the prisoner inside it. and also there was a missing headrest, which allowed him to reach far enough to pull the window down. >> where is this guy now? >> they did catch him the very next day. he is in jail and facing robbery, kidnapping, and escaping charges. last week i brought you guys this story. the security guard in downtown atlanta outside the metro mall. we see a conflict between the security guard and two women in front of a group of children. the security guard ends up tasing one of the women. the video quickly went viral. we spoke to the security guard and he told us what he's up against every day. >> i had people try to sell drugs in here, sell stolen goods. when i first got here, i kicked
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them out. all you [ bleep ] drug dealers stay off this property. >> one guy really wanted to help deron long. jarome started a crowd tilt fund, hoping to raise money so that deron could get better equipment for himself to keep the people in this area safe. you can see in this story we got from wfbtv in atlanta how much equipment deron uses. in less than 4 ho24 hours, jaro raised more than $25,000. >> to tell us more about this fund, we have jarome via skype right this minute from atlanta. welcome to the show. tell me what it was about this story that moved you so much that you created this fund for deron. >> i saw how people were talking about ten started wondering, isn't someone going to do something about this? >> why do you think so many
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people are ready to donate? >> he's a good guy. they need somebody to stand up and say, if the system is not working for us, we'll do something about it. >> stand up. don't walk in here again, or you're going to jail. 200 fifth and sixth graders in ottawa, canada, got to ask somebody questions about his job, that somebody, commander chris hatfield of the international space station. >> how do you warn your hands with soap and water in space? >> i love that question, germs are bad, space germs, even worse. >> look closely at the camera, you can see this. it is no-rinse body bath. it's a bag with a straw. >> notice on the package it says add water. then watch what he does. >> i'm going to squirt some water out. >> whoa! that is awesome. >> now, the water floats, and he says -- >> you put it on your hand.
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and now i've got water floating around on my hand, so i wash my hands up with that. and then grab a towel. what do you mean it's okay drips of water go flying everywhere? i imagine it getting into important pieces of electronics. >> i thought so, too. >> when you're done, tuck your towel somewhere to let it air dry so the evaporated water gets back in the space station, we can use that water again. >> isn't that neat? real or fake for this week, let's do it. >> find out what happens when bench pressing goes wrong. and the quickest way to cook noodles. >> what? >> whoa! >> that's real. >> and get ready for monday's buzz word, which you'll need for
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call me crazy, but i think we should check in with matt. >> yeah, get in real or fakes for this week. let's do it. showoff bench press. >> oh, i'm scared! he didn't have a spotter. what do you do now? oh, no. >> trying to dump the weight. dump them one direction. >> it on his neck? >> no, they have a safety bar
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right by the neck for circumstances like this, but he's stuck. >> help! help! help! >> he's kicking. >> jump out of it! >> oh! >> wow. >> i'm calling real. >> looked like it had some weight to it. i'm calling real, too. >> i think real. >> definitely real. >> i also think real, but the question is, did he upload to the internet himself? next video, rooftop snow falls in spectacular fashion. >> wow! >> whoa! >> that's real. >> i think that's real. it just fell in pieces. like it broke as it was falling. >> totally fake. >> i think it's real. >> it doesn't even pile up at the bottom. >> real. >> real, real, real. three reals. >> fake.
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>> i don't know. it looks so fake to me, but i think it's real. >> he says real. >> let's get to our third video, eight-second spaghetti. >> okay. >> that doesn't show us anything. you saw him drop the hard noodles in. >> are you sure they are hard noodles? you can put them in the refrigerato refrigerator, then bang, instant noodles in eight seconds. if you tell me this is real, i will never listen to you again. >> this one's fake. >> unanimous fake? >> gael nailed it. we all were unanimous. bird doing a dance.
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♪ well, the x games may be over, but i still got plenty of cool snowboarding to show you guys. he's practicing before the x games at keystone in colorado. this guy's pulling off some huge big-air stuff. landing some, bifing some. most of the stuff he stomped. now, he looks pretty good out there, and here's his performance at the x games 2013. he goes for the triple back flip.
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bifs it. >> man, that sucks. >> all that practice, but doesn't quite stick the landing. he suffered a minor concussion. he was okay after this, but kind of a bummer to see him doing all this crazy stuff in his practice video. >> sometimes your head gets to you. no matter how much you practice, you get in your head. >> the nerves. everybody, monday buzz word time and our "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. you never know who's going to win. >> you need to be 18 or older and need the buzz word. >> to answer, all you got to do is head to our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet, head to our first post and tap on the mobile link. >> the monday buzz word is puppy. get over to and click on the button. >> then enter monday's buzz
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word, puppy, for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. as if the super bowl wasn't enough, kate upton's back with some all new sexy. >> hello, monday. >> all for the boys. >> see what she's selling this i do interior decorating
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quite an odd and bold thieving strategy by this guy, the old, hey, look, i'm about to buy something technique, but he's also carrying a purse,
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police say. he's also got a gun in there, too. quickly slips behind the counter, pushes one woman aside, cleans her out, cleans another one out, off he goes. that was back in december. broward sheriffs also believe this is the same man robbing a michael's about a month later. he waits and waits and waits. when it's his turn in line, reaches like he's going to pay for it, but instead reaches over the counter, pulls the gun out. >> there's a little girl standing right there. >> woman immediately starts to run away, realizes, oh, my gosh, i forgot the child there. this man seems to have no idea there's an armed robber behind the counter. >> if you didn't pay attention to what's going on, seems like it's someone supposed to be there. >> scary how casual, cool, calm he was. broward sheriffs still looking for this guy. >> even though this one is a shoe ad, it's all for the boys. >> this is kate upton doing an
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ad for sam ailman shoes. >> hello, monday. >> she is wearing shoes. >> what a cash cow this girl has created. i mean, she could sell snowballs to an eskimo, but it's for a product for women. i'd love to see the figures how many dudes watched this versus how many girls watched this. >> she was selected for this campaign because she is not a stick-thin figure, and most women can support that. >> this is saying, hey, all guys think kate upton's sexy. if you buy these shoes, your man is going to think you're sexy. >> bingo. >> she looks different fully clothed. >> looks better. has a marilyn monroe thing going on, which women love the marilyn monroe thing. we love the idea you can still eat a cheeseburger and be sexy. >> beth troutman supporting kate upton. >> i support the real women's body. >> me too. i'm going to buy them and put
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them on and see if i look like kate upton. that's our show, folks, see you for the next edition of that's our show, folks, see you for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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